Write a note on muhammad ali bogra formula

They thought that the only answer was to curtail the powers of the Governor-General by amending the Indian Independence Act This report was declared against the principles of federation.

He argued that the CA of Pakistan had been dealing with the write a note on muhammad ali bogra formula for a long time, that the CA came into existence on Aug and this was Oct and his argument was that this CA was not able to make the constitution and it had make the constitution making a perpetual process therefore he could use his powers to dissolve the CA,that mean that the whole effort to make the constitution came into a standstill.

While the report was being discuss there was a political crises in Pakistan. Unlike the two reports of the Basic Principle Committee, the Bogra Formula was appreciated by different sections of the society.

It was in a way building on what the 1st CA had done. However, Bogra was still in the US when he received a message from Ghulam Mohammed to return home at once. Once the Objective Resolution was passed by the Constituent Assembly then the steps had to be taken for the formulation of the constitution and the 1st step after the passing of the Objective Resolution was to set up the BPC a committee comprising the members of theca of Pakistan.

Letters and telegrams were also exchanged between the leaders of the two countries. These elections were indirect that were held in June and July and the 2nd CA started its session in July What kind of federal model Pakistan was to adopt, this sub committee was to look into the matter and then report back to Write a note on muhammad ali bogra formula.

By passing the resolution, Bogra and his cohorts made it clear to Governor-General Ghulam Mohammed that he no longer enjoyed the constitutional authority to dismiss any government at whim. So the BPC and the different sub committees deliberated on different aspects of constitution making and then they prepare a report that is called the BPC First report.

In the 1st CA the ML was the majority party while in the 2nd CA no political party had an absolute majority and in the case of 2nd CA the membership was 80 out of which 40 from East and 40 from West Pakistan so in a way it was a principle of equality and parity.

All we could make out was that he wanted me to get back to Pakistan at once; he was not interested in the others. These sub committees were assigned some specific tasks to deal with some specific issue and I can give you examples that one such committee dealt with the issue of federalism.

These states are true representations of the house unit elected indirectly by the legislature of the units. Muhammad Ali and his team deliberated on all the issues and prepared a report which s called as 3rd report but generally in Pakistani history it is called as The Muhammad Ali Formula because MAB was the PM and under his leadership a new set of proposals was prepared which he represented to the Constituent assembly and therefore it is generally describe as the Muhammad Ali Formula for the constitution making.

More powers were to be given to the lower house the house which represents the people that was given more responsibility. In he began to receive prominence when he was elected to the assembly of Bengal.

But the 2nd report accommodated the issues that were raised in the 1st report. I am engaged in building up the army In this way this issue amicably settled to the satisfaction of most political leaders and political parties. Another significant measure during this period which facilitated the problem of constitution making was the settlement of the language issue.

So the 1st report was presented to the constituent assembly in and this report outlined certain broad and key principles, it was not framing the constitution, it was identifying certain broad principles. Equal power mantra was another big pick of Bogra Election of the head of state was the first agenda and disposal of votes of confidence was the second as per the provision for a joint session of the two.

So for as powers were concerned powers were equally divided between the two houses that meant that both houses had same kind of powers 4.

Muhammed Ali became the new PM. At the time of establishment of Pakistan an Interim constitution was introduced in Pakistan which was a modified version of the India Act The strength of the BPC was fixed as Unlike the two reports of the Basic Principles Committee, the Bogra Formula was appreciated by different sections of the society.

The strength of the BPC was fixed as He urged Nehru to settle the Kashmir dispute in order to promote friendly relations between the two countries. But generally this proposal was accepted although the parliament was divided on the response to the formula. Both Houses were to have equal powers in all matters.

So according to this formula seats were given to East Pakistan and from the western part the strength of the members was and this was the application of principle of representation on the basis of population. On the final leg of his foreign tour, he was scheduled to arrive in Canada.

There was a provision for a joint session of the two for the election of the Head of the State and for the disposal of votes of confidence.

So in all both the wings were to have seats each in the two houses of the Legislative Assembly. Cabinet and the PM were to be answerable to both houses of the parliament. Since then, Pakistan has enacted much of its other legislation with the same lightning speed, in the Bogra tradition. The same principles applied to the lower house seats were given to the Western part and seats for the Eastern part and then again the western seats were further divided among various provinces also different administrative units in the western part of Pakistan.

As a result of his efforts, Pandit Nehru agreed to hold a free and fair plebiscite in Kashmir. This decision facilitated the constitution making process. The principles that had to be kept in mind by the constituent assembly of Pakistan while framing the constitution.UNIVERSITY OF THE PUNJAB Third Semester Roll No Examination: B.S.

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SUBJECTIVE Note: All questions are compulsory. Qs. 1. Write short notes on: 1. A blog that provides Study material Assignments, GDB's, Quizzes, Midterm & Final term papers for only Virtual University Students. Muhammad Ali Bogra Formula () September 7, Establishment in Power dph, Development, Political History HistoryPak When Muhammad Ali Bogra became the Prime Minister of Pakistan, the main task ahead of him was to achieve an agreement on.

Short Note On Muhammad Ali Bogra Formula The house of the people was to have three hundred members further divided among the five units in this manner. members from East Bengal, 75 from Punjab, 19 from Sindh and 13 from NWFP.

1 is the state of khairpur, 3. Incumbents Prime Minister: Muhammad Ali Bogra Events April 17, Governor General, Ghulam Muhammad, sacked Prime Minister Khawaja Nazimuddin, although he enjoyed the confidence of the parliament, and appointed Mohammad Ali Bogra to form a government on April What is the other name of Mohammad Ali Bogra Formula?

What is the other name of Mohammad Ali Bogra Formula?

Muhammad Ali Bogra Formula (1953)

A. New Law of Pakistan A. Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry B. Sir Abdul Rashid C. Muhammad Shahabuddin D. Mohammad Haleem. Submitted by: Muhammad Danish.

Mohammad Ali Bogra (1909-1963)

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Write a note on muhammad ali bogra formula
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