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The remaining stock of version 2 shields is now available at a discounted price! Weather project through passageways and expansive installations, visitors become part of a choreography of darkness, light, geometry, and reflections. Data is also logged to a CSV file with options for automatic backup and trimming.

Presentations and videos — copies of all presentations and videos from the day Promotional flyer CREW Final Report If you would like to receive a mailed copy of the CREW project final report, please complete our report request form. Visit each site in turn, making a note of the wind direction and speed.

The large grid of windows on the north wing open the home to light and view while the large undulating hip roof form provides shade to the courtyard and large glazed Weather project. Studio Olafur Eliasson Courtesy the artist: These will help explain any dramatic temperature changes that might occur under a blocking anticyclone where temperature inversions might affect the results, especially at the foot of the slope, so that for a while temperature increases with altitude.

A basic household thermometer, or maximum-minimum thermometer should not be used, unless of course it is left at each site — help from school friends and relatives is a possibility. When you have finished, you can draw a scattergraph, showing the temperature changes, or thermal gradient, for your transect.

How do air temperatures change as you move up a hillside? If so, it might be useful to monitor the temperature as well as cloud cover and type — these readings will help you work out if the rain is associated with the passage of a warm or cold front, etc.

Having more than one collection point would also allow you to calculate a daily average for your garden. I put the project website links onto a format such as google classroom so that students only have to click on the link instead of typing it themselves into the browser.

You will need sites up the hillside, or along a main road. You should choose a number of sites inside the wood, and at least one up to or metres away, well out of any shade. If you are using a digital thermometer, you could make a transect across the wood, taking readings every 50 metres or so.

This can be measured using a light intensity meter or the light meter on a camera — if the latter is chosen, set the aperture to f8 and point the camera at the same object each time a clipboard will suffice.

News -- New stable release! How much precipitation is intercepted in a woodland area? Refer the pupils to Met Office guidelines on the correct size and conversion formulae they are also in good textbooks.

Holding up the anemometer for up to a minute or two can help to overcome this, and an average speed calculated for that period.Service Removed. This service is has been removed.

Please update your bookmarks to point to Alberta Hail Suppression Project Objective: Hail Damage Mitigation.

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Jan 06,  · by Olafur Eliasson at Tate Modern, London. Winter / Would you like to buy a weather station? Or get involved in any other way in making Africa the best weather monitored continent? Donate to a school in Africa Learn about TAHMO's School2School program and support student technology and science education.

Acquire African Weather Data. BROWSE 41, CITIES WORLDWIDE Find travel weather, climate averages, forecasts, current conditions and normals for 41, cities worldwide.

Weather Projects

Use the search box above, the map below or browse for locations below. offers this monthly weather forecast for home and gardening in Bloomington, MN.

Kangiqtugaapik (Clyde River) Weather Station Network

Get your home and garden forecast to plan your outdoor DIY projects.

Weather project
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