Evolution of server side technologies

Dedicated Servers EvolutionServer dedicated servers provides an easy way to have your private server. The emergence of JavaScript toolkits, such as Dojo, make client-side development easier while hiding many of the problems surrounding cross-browser compatibility. Our facility is a The ability to handle events in client script.

This growth seems to have come at the expense of the mainframe market, which has stagnated. The most commonly used language for CGI was Perl, due to its powerful text-handling capabilities.

Server-side scripting

During parsing, the ASP. Bring your current servers, lease new ones or simply virtualize your datacenter. For a user's action to trigger the execution of server-side code, for example, a developer working with classic ASP must explicitly cause the user's browser to make a request back to the web server.

Server-side scripts are completely processed by the servers instead of clients. Retrieval of data in response to query string parameters and insertion into a web page. Another classification is based on whether it is page-centric or script-centric. The object model for HTML server controls maps closely to that of the corresponding elements.

For example, see CGI above. If a user has disabled scripting in the browser, the controls might not function as you intend.

Dynamic generation of CSS and Javascript. Instead, they are treated as opaque text and passed through to the browser. Disc helps you write Ajax-enabled portlets and enable richly interactive web application features for your portal.

Server-side Technologies

This is perhaps the simplest model of server-side scripting but surprisingly, it is the essential mechanism of server-side scripting.

This purpose and 10 below are the primary purposes of server-side scripting. Server Side Technologies 21 Tables Relational Model Most widely used model for large collections of structured data Very mature products and many skilled people available The biggest advantage is that it is not hierarchical no structure bias Advantages of relations: The data can be retrieved from a database, file system or other forms of storage.

For some controls, the ability to define your own layout for the control using Templates. Dojo is discussed in Chapter 4 The Dojo web site provides additional documentation: Automatic maintenance of the control's state.

Server Side Technologies

Collocating with Evolution Server makes sound, long-term business sense because you receive the best services without the need of owning and operating your own costly facility. Here is an example of the same code in servlet mode and JSP mode: NET services and Web services.

Data binding to one or more properties of the control. While a classic web application refreshes the entire web page with each response from the server, an Ajax-enabled web application allows small amounts of data and UI markup to be returned from the server and rendered in the browser without refreshing the entire page.The Evolution of Server Technologies By Dominic Wellington, Chief Evangelist, Moogsoft - Change has always been a constant in IT.

We used to know at least the direction that change was going in, but not anymore.

Server Side Technologies

Aug 25,  · Again we have an external expert, a participant of SASAviv Raff from Seculert. He talks about the evolution of exploit kits, especially on the server side.

Server-side scripting is a technique used in web development which involves employing scripts on a web server which produce a response customized for each user's (client's) request to the website. The alternative is for the web server itself to deliver a static web page.

Evolution of SharePoint from Server side to Client Side April 12, Manish Rana SharePoint In continuation to my previous blog on “ Evolution of SharePoint from Server side to Client Side ”.

Mar 17,  · The Evolution of Client/Server Computing Several years ago, many computing environments consisted of mainframes hooked to dumb terminals that only did processing at the mainframe.

Over the years, personal computers started to replace these dumb terminals but the processing continued to be done on the mainframe. Erik Wilde: Server Side Technologies (2) Abstract Navigating the mobile landscape means that depending on the targeted mobile devices, it might be impossible to rely on sophisticated client-side support for Web technologies.

Evolution of server side technologies
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