An analysis of the tet offensive

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Tet Offensive

On March 31, a beleaguered President Johnson declared that he was limiting the bombing of North Vietnam to the area below the 20th parallel thus sparing 90 percent of communist-held territory and calling for negotiations to end the war.

As previously mentioned, one of the US objectives is a high "body count" of Viet Cong casualties. On January 15 Westmoreland reported a chance the campaign would commence before Tet Prados, Thus the offensive lost its element of total surprise that every tactician has to respect.

They also resisted the idea of negotiating with the allies. In the early s, he was the commanding officer at West Point. Speaking frankly, the image of the map depicted on the back of the box squelched my original interest in this product despite the fact that the campaign has always been a fascinating topic for me.

They concluded that the Saigon government and the U. I have seen critical discussions of this rule but there is ample historical justification for these withdrawal restrictions.

It is referred to by the awkward term "Aero-Mech Movement Phase" but provides the Allied commander with a great deal of flexibility.

Who does the Allied player represent? Classic guerrilla tactics, as practiced by the Viet Cong and the North Vietnamese, did not include large group attacks, direct engagements with the enemy and holding seized territory.

The North wanted this unified country controlled by Ho Chi Minh. It is a footnote in the history of the insurgency, but it was a clear indicator of what would happen if the North gained control of South Vietnam.

However, the timing and the intensity of the attacks were a surprise and a psychological shock Prados, Johnson escalated all the way toFurther information on the U. The fifth and final turn can be problematic for both players. The offensive also changed the way that many individuals perceived the war, taking into account that it demonstrated the vulnerability of American forces in the territory and the fact that the North was much better prepared than in previous years.

Hanoi thus turned military defeat into a priceless geopolitical victory. That could be another reason this title did not receive an enthusiastic reception.

The Significance of the Tet Offensive

It was obviously that the North Vietnamese leaders had ordered the offensives to be launched on the night of the first day of Tet to take the objectives by total surprise. A defeated Allied unit may only retreat into a city square. The unraveling, with Congress pulling the string, was so rapid that even Giap was caught by surprise.

This is an image of the struggle for Hue. A unit "eliminated" in battle does not represent a formation that has been completely destroyed.

CIA Analysis of the Tet Offensive

Within a week, Saigon was largely under control again as cells of the insurgents were captured or killed. Graphic images of combat portrayed in the magazine left a deep impression.

On August 8,the North Vietnam government approved a lunar calendar specifically compiled for the 7th time zone that covers all Vietnam, replacing the traditional lunar calendar that had been in use in Asia for hundreds of years.

I still recall how gruesome photographs of the casualties from the Viet Cong attack on the US Embassy and other fighting in Saigon led to a discussion with Dad, a combat veteran of the Korean War. In September, Carver devised a compromise: Beijing advocated that North Vietnam conduct a protracted war on the Maoist model, fearing that a conventional conflict might draw them in as it had in the Korean War.

It was even decided by Westmoreland and Ambassador Elsworth Bunker that the Tet should not be observed in the northern most provinces and observances to be limited to only thirty-six hours in the others.

A defeated VC formation would often scatter to its various base camps and await resupply from the Ho Chi Minh trail logistical network. These attacks stunned American forces, the U.

By the end ofWestmoreland reported that the VC had lost 90, fighters. The Tet offensive also offered a great opportunity to assert the dominance of the North in the insurgency. At first glance it might be easy to overlook some of the more subtle elements of this Frank Chadwick design.

The truth in the rumors did not matter much. In Saigon, most people accepted the allegation that the Americans deliberately let the Communists infiltrate the capital city because the American electronic sensor defense system around Saigon was able to detect things as small as a mouse crossing the hi-tech fences.

General Westmoreland said "The Navy saved the Delta. The siege of Khe Sanh and the even fiercer battle at the ancient city of Hue eventually resulted in victories for the U.Tet offensive. The offensive itself, an all-out effort by Viet Cong and North Vietnamese forces to overrun the major cities of South Vietnam, marked the turning point of the Vietnam War.

A breakdown of the Tet Offensive, key players, battles, and analysis is Wikipedia: The Tet Offensive. An interesting news article from a different point of view about. The online tool for teaching with documents, from the National Archives. In this media analysis activity, students will view selected clips from The Vietnam War and complete a graphic organizer about information found in the clips.

They then will use the information from the clips and the organizer to write editorials/commentaries assessing Tet Offensive news coverage. The Tet Offensive: Summary The Tet Offensive is described as one of the bloodiest military campaign of the Vietnam War; the North Communists launched against the South.

The “general offensive and general uprising” of the north marked the sharp turn of the Vietnam War. No history of that war can be complete without an analysis of this offensive. The significance of Tet was that it compelled the American leadership to make the decision to quit Vietnam; it .

An analysis of the tet offensive
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